Employment Opportunity: RiverSmart Crew Leader

RiverSmart Crew Leader

Full-time, $12.00 – $15.00 per hour

Bona Terra is contracted by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay for their RiverSmart Homes program, an initiative of D.C.’s Department of Energy & Environment to reduce storm water run-off and the pollution of the Chesapeake Bay, specifically by installing residential rain gardens and conservation planting.

Be able to read a scale drawing, understand cross-section designs and build according to a plan. Identify Miss Utility markings and lead responsible digging. Be able to assess square footage coverage of various materials. Be able to identify soil types and accurately assess soil amendments. Have an understanding of water run-off and predictability, and calculate storm water run-off. Know how to install and maintain rain gardens, including donwspout hook up, spillway and berm construction. Have positive interactions with clients, maintain a professional, courteous rapport. Understand the environmental benefits and goals of the RiverSmart program.

Knowledge of how to install and maintain pervious surfaces, stonework, drystack retaining walls, patios, natural stone or poured walkways, is preferred.

Help train new workers on all aspects of the job including safety, tool usage and technique, truck care, loading and unloading vehicles, plant care, moving materials, shop and nursery care and maintenance.

Have clean driving record and 10+ years driving experience. Be able to load vehicles safely for transport, know how to use ratchet ties, tarps, and bungee cords. Be able to pass medical exam to drive commercial dump bed truck.

Make minor mechanical/tool repairs in the field.

Know and use scientific plant names, understand binomial nomenclature.

Continually pursue higher quality and efficiency in workflows and communication.

To apply please e-mail resume, including two references, to bonaterradc@gmail.com

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