Bona Terra
Bona Terra is a small family run urban landscape design, maintenance, and installation business that specializes in artistic installations, bay-friendly rain gardens, conservation planting, and careful maintenance. We prioritize organic, sustainable practices and protecting the local watershed. Bona Terra is committed to fostering a positive relationship between our species and the ecosystems we rely on to support us; emphasizing beautiful, functional landscaping as the personal connection between the two worlds, and providing spaces in which pollinators, native plants, and our clients can rest, play, and thrive.

We always welcome applicants interested in long-term employment with the company. We are developing divisions of outdoor carpentry, artistic specialized stonework, and conservation planting/rain gardens, and are looking for people who are interested in those fields and could become leaders in them. Complete job descriptions are available on our blog:

Bookkeeper/Office manager

Field Workers

We are a creative group of artists, musicians, and writers, so applicants with an artistic or creative background will be given special consideration. We have a team that works to create a positive and rewarding work environment and we hope to add a few more open and thoughtful minds to the team. We are located on the border of Brightwood and 16th Street Heights in Washington, D.C.

Please apply by e-mailing a resume and two references to

Bona Terra works with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay to provide DC home owners with Rain Gardens, Bayscapes, concrete removal and pervious pavers through the Riversmart homes program. Click on this text to sign up for an audit with the DOEE and see if you qualify for a rebate or grant, or both.