Plan a Nursery Visit

Plan a Nursery Visit

Visit Bona Terra at Holly Hill

The Bona Terra Team collectively has 25 years of maintenance experience, 20+ years of growing and plant production, and has designed over 1,000 native gardens. Have one of our team members guide you through the process of plant selection and share their expertise growing native plants.

We are currently offering guided visits to our native plant nursery at Holly Hill on Saturday, October 23rd and Monday, October 25th from 10 am to 6 pm. Enjoy a one-on-one tour with one of our team members who will help you choose the right native plant for your needs and walk you through your purchase. Talk shop, learn about native plants, and ask questions!

As a part of our continued effort to protect our customers and team members, each visit will be an hour in total, allowing for 15 minutes for arrival and orientation, 60 minutes for the tour, questions, and plants selection, and 15 minutes for payment and departure. We ask all participants to please bring a face mask and to be prompt in their arrival so that we can accommodate all visitors.

Planning Your Visit?

If you arrive early, stop by Chesapeake Market for snacks and coffee just 5 minutes away on Lake Shore Drive. Our nursery is also just a short drive (approximately 10 minutes) to both North Beach and Chesapeake Beach. Head on over to explore the local restaurants, shops, and attractions.

Contact us to schedule your visit today!

Please be patient with our response: appointments are scheduled weekly on Thursdays and Fridays.