Sawyer Services

Turn your logs into usable slabs and boards! We can mill logs as small as 4-feet long with a 10-inch diameter to as large as 20-feet long with a 30-inch diameter. We provide our sawyering services in three different ways: from log recycling, milling logs at our nursery, and on-site milling.

Log Recycling

Do you have a beloved tree that needs to be cut down, but don’t want the log to go to waste or turned into mulch? Have your tree removal service bring the log to Bona Terra! We will convert your log into usable boards while the remaining material will be recycled into native plant soil. Even better, you get a board with your donation and this service is FREE! Contact us to coordinate your log recycling delivery.

Milling at our Nursery

Have a log and a plan to use the slabs cut from the wood? Bring your log to our nursery in Friendship, Maryland or our office in Washington, DC (logs under 150 lb. only) for milling and save the expense of transporting and setting up the mill! Milling at the nursery is priced by the log and starts at $150. Call us at (202) 504-9648 or use the Contact Form for pricing and to set up an appointment to drop off and mill your log.

On-Site Milling

Have a large log or multiple logs that need to be milled on-site? We can bring the saw mill to you! On-site milling costs $900-$1200 per day to run the mill plus the cost of additional saw blades as necessary. Reach out to us for more information and to set up an appointment!

Board and Slabs for Sale

We have boards and slabs available for purchase at our nursery in Friendship, Maryland. A catalog of available cuts will be coming soon!

Contact us to get your milling project started!