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Expert-grown natives and plant grants supporting local not-for-profit native planting projects

Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) photographed by Andrew Cannizzaro, image licensed under CC BY 2.0

Mission statement: We grow native plants with a focus on the local genetics necessary to restore diversity in the Chesapeake eco-region. 

Vision statement: Providing people and businesses the resources to preserve our at-risk habitats, to restore ecosystems, and to rethink environmental action on micro and macro levels.

Apply for a Bona Terra Plant Grant

We are attempting to give over 1,000,000 seedlings of native plants to local groups and organizations! Check out our Plant Grant page for more information and to fill out an application form for your group. Help us meet our goal by applying for seedlings today!

Our Bona Terra Tilling Guide

Are you prepping a garden, but don’t know where to start? Want to learn a little more about till and no-till methods with native plant gardens? Check out the Bona Terra Tilling Guide!

Or you can download and print the guide using the button below

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Native Plant Sales

Expert-grown natives delivered to your project site

Portable Milling

On-site tree removal and lumber milling

Native Plant Sales

Our native plant nursery is carefully maintained by experts using sustainable practices. We focus on growing local ecotypes within 100 miles of our nursery in Anne Arundel County, Maryland using minimal fertilizer and no pesticides, herbicides or growth hormones.

We have native plants available for sale to homeowners, landscape professionals, and conservation and restoration non-profits. We offer delivery and pick-up on orders, either at our nursery in Friendship, Maryland or at our office in DC. Our goal is to provide stewards of the Chesapeake Bay with native plants, whose lack of availability has historically been a challenge in conservation efforts. See our inventory by clicking below.

Portable Sawmilling

Have a tree that needs to be converted into usable boards? Our portable saw mill can help! We cut dying or diseased trees that need to be felled into dimensional lumber as well as unique slabs and live-edge boards that are not widely available.

Portable sawmilling is an affordable way to get expensive cuts of wood with a much smaller carbon footprint than their counterparts at the lumber yard: the lumber we produce is air dried, and requires no transport (or packaging) from a mill to a store to your home. As a bonus, we remove remaining branches and cast aways to be repurposed into soil at our native plant nursery. Finally, many of our clients appreciate being able to hold onto a memento from a beloved tree.

    Bona Terra, LLC

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    We are a small family-run landscaping business and native plant nursery located in Washington, DC. Our urban landscape design, growing practice, and installation business specializes in artistic installations, bay-friendly native gardens and sustainable practices.