Group Sales

Organize a Group Sale

Organize a native plant sale with Bona Terra for your neighborhood, friends, or garden club! Take advantage of special discounts with a group order and a free Q&A session with Jeremy Tidd, Bona Terra owner and lead grower, to learn more about gardening with native plants and sustainable practices. We can either bring native plants to your location or you can come to our nursery in Friendship, Maryland. Follow these steps to organize your native plant sale today!

  1. First, choose a single point of contact to help us organize and plan for your sale. This person can email us at to get the ball rolling. They will be responsible for sharing pertinent plant sale information with the group, organizing and submitting the group’s order, orchestrating a single payment for the pre-order, and acting as the pot-return coordinator after the sale. 
  2. Coordinate the date of your plant sale with our office, and choose from the options below the location of your plant sale:
    1. On-site plant sales: We will bring the native plants to you! Organize your group’s individual orders into a single bulk order, which can qualify for discounts up to 20% off of retail prices. With the delivery of your order, your group can also ask questions and consult with Jeremy Tidd for information about their specific native plant needs and goals. 
    2. Nursery visit plant sales: Come tour our nursery and learn about our sustainable production practices! Organize your group’s individual orders into a single bulk order, which can qualify for discounts up to 20% off of retail prices and that can be picked up from our nursery in Friendship, Maryland.  Chat with Jeremy about native plants and sustainable practices. You are also able to purchase additional plants on-site at the same discount as the pre-order on the day of your nursery visit.
      • Please note that it takes longer to pull plants for customers in person than through pre-ordering online. As we are a growing nursery and not a retail store, a significant portion of the plants at the nursery are not ready to be sold or are not available for sale. In an effort to allow us to serve as many people in the community as possible, please do your best to order ahead of time rather than waiting to shop in person.
  3. Collect your group’s order by directing your group members to our Native Plant Inventory for available plants, sizes, and quantities. The final group pre-orders can be emailed to The pre-order must be submitted 10 days in advance of the plant sale event so that we have time to prepare and confirm your order. An estimate will be created and sent, and a final invoice can be paid by card online or a check on the day of the event. 

We have six available weekends for group plant sales with Q&A sessions this spring. If those slots fill up, you can still organize a group purchase (without the Q&A session) with the discounts included. Reach out to us today to start organizing your group purchase!